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Dear Brother/Sister in Islam

As-Salaamo Alaikum (WRB) By the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT) International Islamic Link has, in a very humble manner, been addressing the spiritual, religious and social needs of our community since 1987. Under the auspices of Allah (SWT) and the 14 Masoomeen (AS) we have grown from an organisation successfully holding seminars, conferences and majalis in hired venues to an established centre acting as a hub for Momineen. It was no small achievement when we were granted permission by Brent Council to use Babul Murad Centre as a place of worship.

Today, International Islamic Link has the opportunity to fill a void in our community. You will be aware of the many Islamic Centres and Imambargahs in London, unfortunately, you will not know of a dedicated Shia Masjid. With the will of Allah (SWT) International Islamic Link has initiated a long-term project to build the first Shi'a Masjid.

In establishing a Masjid, we aim to: ensure continued growth and development of our community; establish our presence in the wider community; and provide infrastructure for a greater variety of activities. Phase 1 is the purchase of 852 -852a Harrow Road at a cost of £1 Million. We call upon all Momineen to donate generously in this Khair-e-Jarriyah, the establishment of Masjid Imam Ali (AS). We hold Ijaza of all Maraje Izam.

Yours in Iman, Sayed Z. Razavi, Servant of Islam.